Lois Lane Issue #1 Review

Lois Lane Cover 

Credit: DC Comics, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster

Greg Rucka has done it again, he brilliantly showed off Lois Lane’s fierceness and fighting spirit when it comes to doing the right thing. Today, I will be doing a review on the first issue of the twelve-part series for Lois Lane; if you’re not familiar with Lane’s attitude when it comes down to getting a scoop and her concern for the common man and woman, you may need to read up on her history. So let’s get to reviewing and looking over the facts!

Credit: DC Comics, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster

Our story takes place at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, as usual, Lois Lane is head deep in following a lead and making her presence known. This series not only serves as a story but it also serves in human perspective, something Comic Books have missed in quite some time; a book that is down to earth and is a perfect build-up to the events happening in Superman and Action Comics. Speaking of Action Comics, there is a side-story going on while Lois and Renee Montoya (I know right?! Vic Sage makes an appearance and now Renee, Good time to be catching up on DC Comics fellow readers!) Are getting down to business in a case they are currently searching for leads on, There are pictures of Lois kissing Superman from the beginning of the Action Comics arc which people who don’t know Clark’s secret is assuming Lois is cheating on her husband. As the mystery to the Question’s role in this, we’re seeing similarities of real-life coming into the mix as thanks to the help of The Question, Lois exposes corruption from the governments of both the United States and Russia. The issue brings up the US government monetizing the separation of children from families, as well as the Russian government’s censorship and media intimidation tactics. In the end, we see the corruption exposed and the US Government’s treatment of Migrant families, this speaks volumes in the world today.

Final Grade: 9 out of 10, Rucka and his artistic team have done it again, Mike Perkins drew a magnificent issue, Paul Mount’s Colors have brought a real-world tone to the book, a gritty and Noir-esque feel to it. Stay tuned for the Issue two review next time. Also, bonus points to the team for bringing out the Huckabee Easter Egg.

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