Cannon Busters is now live on Netflix

LeSean Thomas’s new Anime titled Cannon Busters isn’t your typical anime and that is a wonderful thing! If you’re not familiar with LeSean Thomas’s work, his credentials include Black Dynamite, Legend of Korra, The Boondocks, Children of Ether. His new show began as a Two Issue Comic Book Series that he had to put on hold back in 2005, but it is clear to see that this adaption was a long-gestating labor of love.

Credit: LeSean Thomas,

The Project began as a Kickstarter Campaign, it even put out a pilot episode in 2016, but now we finally have the chance to see Mr. Thomas’s new Anime which is available on Netflix now, includes English Dub and English Subs. Be sure to check it out today! Geek Dot Com describes it asIs The Black Anime We’ve Been Waiting For“.

Support Me on Ko-fi! If you’re wanting to check out more of his work, then I would recommend this book: NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.1