Another Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer shows off New Abilities and Battle Features!

Another new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield has arrived again this week over at the Pokemon World Championship, this time we get to see that dapper young Galarian fellow, Doug DimmaWeezing showing off his new ability Neutralizing Gas; it can neutralize any the other Pokemon’s Abilities, which can be a big advantage used in Competitive Battles.

Certain abilities can be used to negate certain unfavorable type match-ups or render a pokemon immune to certain types of attacks, with this revelation it makes the Galarian Weezing a must-have for competitive plays. Also, Corviknight has an ability called Hidden Mirror Armor, which this ability will bounce back any stat lowering effects, making Corviknight another must-have for trainers.

Credit: GameFreak, The Pokemon Company, Nintendo

Now onto the new items for battle, the first one called “Room Service” it is more of a situational type of held-item, even though it lowers a Pokemon’s speed, it works best in the Trick Room; since Trick Room allows Pokemon with lower speed to attack first this makes Room Service the best item for when Trick Room is in play.

Credit: GameFreak, The Pokemon Company, Nintendo

Eject Pack” is for any Pokemon that has its stats lowered to immediately switch out, saving a trainer from burning a turn to put out a more effective attacker.

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