Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to breathe easy knowing the Trump Tariffs have been delayed.


The Big Three can take a collective sigh of relief knowing that the holiday season will be a little easier thanks to the announcement from the Trump Administration that it would not impose the tariffs until after the holidays. If you recall three months ago, there were a 25 percent tariffs that were introduced by Donald Trump’s administration that would cover a large spectrum of Chinese-made goods which also included electronics, which included Video Game Consoles. Now the Tariffs will be delayed until December 15th, which means the Gaming Companies have time to stock the shelves in time for the holiday.

In June, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft banded together and gave a seven-page jointed statement to the US Trade Representative which outlines the size of the Video Game Business, and the damage of what the tariffs could do, especially when it came to the holiday season which it is cited in the statement; also included their opposition to the new tariffs as well.

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