New Tariff Law Proposal might make the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles more Expensive.


Looking forward to the new PlayStation 5 or the next Xbox Console? May have to watch out for a possible price increase.

With news of the PlayStation 5 and then Next Xbox on the minds of gamers everywhere, the other thought that follows on those consoles is, of course, the price. Recently, The Office of the United States Trade Representative and President Donald Trump recently proposed a new proposal that lists potential goods categories to be hit with newer, steeper tariffs.

How much tariffs would it drop? Up to 25 percent on goods being imported from China. Here’s where it will get bad for Gamers, the tariffs could impact the price of the PlayStation 5, causing it to become even more expensive. One of the Categories listed in the new Tariffs was titled “Video Game Consoles and Machines”. Some worry that if the Tariffs go through, the PS5 won’t be the only one to feel the pain, it will be the Next Xbox or any console that was happened to be manufactured in China.

If tariffs do go through, the earliest that it goes into effect would be probably at the end of June, it is only speculation at this point. For now, it remains to be seen whether it cause a price change for the consumers; while yes Sony and Microsoft would feel the pain of the price increase, anything is possible if they decide to pass the pain along with the consumer on a price hike.


Analysts would suggest the price change would make the PS5 and the Next Xbox console to be $399 to $499, but that would have been before the game consoles got roped into a Trade war between the US and China. It could have been the change but now, it is no longer feasible for Console Manufacturers.

If it does it will be hard to predict, but if it does happen to go through and it is enforced; it is possible the consumer or Sony and Xbox will feel the pain of the extra costs. With e3 coming up in June, we’ll learn more about the PlayStation 5 from Sony since they made it official about working on it eventually, while Microsoft hasn’t unveiled their new console but of course there hasn’t been a release date for either console. If anything, we’ll be looking at a 2020 release date. Possibly in the later portion of 2020. Until then, we’ll have to play it by ear and see how things go.

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