What the Beck? It’s our review of Star Pig!

Everyone was right, Space Camp was a terrible idea. But, at least you made a new friend! Today, we’ll be reviewing the new IDW Comic; Star Pig. Three months ago this was announced at WonderCon 2019, sit back and let’s get into this review!

Credit: Francesco Gaston, IDW Publishing

Out of the Superhero Comic Books, Anime or Manga we have reviewed this is one of the most casual comics I have read in quite some time (What I mean is that from what you’ve seen on the market today whether it be something, Gorey, too violent, or too Sexually suggestive, this is a nice change of pace.) Delilah Dawson gives the reader something that readers can relate to, in this case, an 16-year-old on her own who tries to make a bad situation a good one while trying to cope with the thought of having a near-death experience. The slang might be outdated but it still works! When Vess meets the Tardigrade, it begins our bizarre and most cosmic adventure yet!

Credit: Francesco Gaston, IDW Publishing

The artwork, drawn by Francesco Gaston and colored by Sebastian Cheng excels, from the details of the Alien creatures, up to the spacecraft and technology. The humor is spot-on, again, it makes me glad to see a comic that does not have much violence or the trope of being a cheesy sci-fi film of Intergalactic adventures.

Final Grade: 6.9 out of 10, a good, practical first issue and looking forward to what this team has in store for Vess and the Tardigrade.

If you’re interested in Space, intergalactic adventures and of course aliens; Check out this book. You can buy it here from Amazon for Kindle or Comixology.