These new Fashion Variants for Valiant’s Livewire are Stunning!

Originally reported by Newsarama, Livewire will be getting the Fashion Magazine Variant Treatment for the new upcoming arc in August called “Hero”. Series writer, Vita Ayala mentioned this in her statement with Newsarama:

“[The fashion cover line] subtly invokes some of the central ideas related to the character – she is a technology-based protagonist, and one of the most important aspects of her interaction with technology is interacting with information, A lot of the series has tied into (sometimes overtly, sometimes subtly) the media, with how media is used to push certain narratives and shape the ‘truth’ and – in this country at least – magazines are a huge part of that, traditionally.”

Vita Ayala, Writer for Valiant’s Livewire Series

Kris Anka described as the ‘Fashion Minded Artist‘ drew the variant for Issue 9, while Irene Koh drew Issue 10’s Variant, Annie Wu drew Issue 11’s variant; Last but not least Kevin Wada drew Issue 12’s Variant Cover for Livewire.

“Magazines, especially fashion mags, are also generally marketed toward femme folks (not always, and that isn’t necessarily who is buying, but the marketing is geared toward it), and to have that idea subconsciously at play I think is interesting, Livewire is often portrayed as a warrior and as a genius, and so framing her in this traditionally femme information vehicle I think really ties her together as a character.”

Vita Ayala, Writer for Valiant’s Livewire Series

Valiant Editor, Heather Antos who was inspired by the cosplay and subverted takes on classic characters and originated the concept had this to say:

“One of my favorite parts of attending various comic cons is seeing all of the amazing and unique cosplayers and their takes on various characters in comics, movies and television, and video games—especially new renditions: Zombie Princess Jasmine, Steampunk Captain America, Gender-Swap Beetlejuice, you name it! Genre and Fashion inspire each and every character we come across, and when I came to Valiant and learned that each issue of an arc gets X amount of variant covers, I figured, What’s a cool opportunity to lean into that with our characters? And, hey—think of the cool cosplay!”

Heather Antos, Editor of Valiant Comics
This Collects issues 1-4, If you’re looking for something new then I would suggest checking this series out!