My Villain Academia?


It isn’t a figment of your imagination fellow heroes, we may not be getting a spin-off about the villains of My Hero Academia but we’re getting the next best thing for the latest volume of MHA!

“The cover of comics 24 has arrived! The enemy coalition is a mark! The title is about to change …! !
A large number of episodes that had a great response in Jump magazine are included in this volume!
In addition, this comic comes with 2 tickets for the 5th Character Popularity Poll!
Release is Friday, August 2! Please read it as a summer vacation party!”

Shigaraki and the League of Villains have taken center stage, their battle with the Meta-Liberation Army and their Leader Re-Destro is tearing up Deika City! Will this be the end of the League of Villains? Or will the Army be dismantled?

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