Cassie Cage gets a New Brutality

Season Two might be just starting but leave it to Cassie Cage to show off how aggressive she can be! NetherRealm Studios added a new Brutality for everyone’s favorite cocky blonde; this new brutality finds our unfortunate kombatant with their arms blown off by two of Cage’s pistols, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

Youtuber NGSUPERMAN shows off “Fully Disarmed

The new Brutality is obtainable in the new season of KOMBAT LEAGUE, and from how it is described it is easy to pull off (No pun intended when discussing Mortal Kombat); first, you have to make sure your opponent is grounded, but you’ll have to be away from them but do not be close to them. Third, Hold square on a DualShock 4 or the equivalent on your controller, and the final hit has to be a dual-wielding special move. Also, if you’re interested in reading our review, click on the link; until next time gamers!

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