World of Warcraft’s new patch goes live.


It is the biggest patch for the Battle for Azeroth but it also brings with it the Rise of Azshara.

If you tried logging on earlier in the day and couldn’t get on then you know that Tuesdays are Patch Days. A term that my Older brother used back in the day when we played MMORPGs, but today was different because this patch was loaded with new quests, two new zones, and massive changes to Battle for Azeroth that addresses some complaints that with this expansion.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft

In the video, above you’ll find the update broken down into an easy Four-minute video explaining what is going on, what’s new and of course, What goodies are being brought to you, the Adventurer. World of Warcraft’s official website as always provides the full Patch Note Details if you’re level 120 then you’ll have nothing to worry about, you can log in and the World Quests will be unlocked and you’ll be ready to jump into the action. From the start, you’ll be getting a quest that will introduce you to the new worlds that 8.2 has brought.

Patch breakdown for the Rise of Azshara

If you’re interested in reading more information for the new patch, Wowhead has what you’re looking for!

Alliance Cinematic for Rise of Azshara

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