Ubisoft Conference

Ubisoft brings out the Watch Dogs Legion, Gods and Monsters, Roller Champions, Ghost Recon Breakpoint!

Okay gang, we have three more Conferences to cover and we here at Red’s Nerd Den aim to continue bringing you great coverage! Thank you so much for reading and coming to our Website.~Red

Set in a post-Brexit dystopian surveillance state, hacking, Combat and other Open world items are at your command, now you have to recruit players and control them in the Video Game world. One of the things that won me over was the option of playing as a Grandma that could kick ass; yes, you heard right but there are also different Characters that you can play as, each has different skill sets and the key is to figure out who is best for each mission. Gunplay is now mixed with interactive things and it is really great.

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From the team that brought you Assassin’s Creed Odyssey brings you a new game called Gods and Monsters; that has cartoonish graphics but it does have wonderful visuals. It is combat based, sword slashing you name it. No release date has been confirmed just yet.

Ubisoft is bringing back the AI players for people who enjoy single player gaming in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Jon Bernthal is leading the way in this new Tom Clancy game; he was the perfect pick for this role, he did a phenomenal job on Punisher, he was made for Military themed roles.

What happens when you mix Rocket League and Rollerball? Roller Champions is a new sports game mixed with Racing. If you’re interested in playing the game an Alpha is available now on Uplay for PC.

There was an announcement about updates being released that will contain new Episodes and a new Raid. But one of the biggest announcements was that it will be free to play June 13th to 16th. One of the real announcements that Ubisoft mentioned was that it was working on a film with Netflix and the person in charge of being the Director is David Leitch, the man who directed Deadpool 2.

Rainbow Six is joining the Zombie apocalypse trend with its new game, not much is shown but they hope to reinvent the co-op multiplayer genre.

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