Bethesda Conference Part Two

Now we move onto other Bethesda games, Elder Scrolls Elsweyr, Rage 2, Commander Keen and more!

The Ancient world of the Khajiit, a Cat-Like race of Humans who lived in a beautiful land that had windswept deserts, a beautiful jungle, and Khmer-inspired ruins litter the landscape and hint at ages past when the Khajiit weren’t as disliked as they are now. In the new trailer, we see the Dragons have returned and are causing havoc, this sets up new quests, setting up new DLC for Elsweyr: ScaleBreaker and DragonHold. Also bringing forth the Season of the Dragon.

Well, look at what we have here, another Dungeon Crawler! This time it is for the Nintendo Switch, but of course, it is free to play and nothing wrong with that I assure you! As I have mentioned before, you cannot go wrong with a good Dungeon Crawler Game.

Rage 2 is rolling out with new vehicles, weapons, Game Modes, Modifiers, and Cheat Codes! Also coming to Rage 2 is the new expansion Rise of the Ghosts.

A drag-and-drop game and includes a story mode where you have to build contraptions to get through. There’s also a battle mode where you need to control checkpoints and claim a flag. Commander Keen soft launches in summer, the game is for iOS and Android, what it’s about is the children of the original Billy Blaze; Billy and Billie. Looks like fun and packed with so much Nostalgia.