E3 2019: Xbox One Conference Part One


Moving onto the Xbox Conference, Project Scarlett, Halo Infinite, Elden Ring and much more!

As we move forward on this momentous E3 Conference, EA has already presented what they have to offer gamers; now Xbox has the spotlight and with it, they unveiled their latest console: Project Scarlett.

Here’s what is known about the new Console, one of the goals is trying to reduce loading times, which is a good idea in the long run but that is a goal that might have some tough obstacles ahead and it’s worth aiming high. One of the other goals for Scarlett is delivering 8k resolution and framerates up to “120 fps”, as for the SSD, It is being used as “Virtual RAM” which will possibly allow more lifelike scenes, no loading screens (mentioned as one of their goals of reducing loading time.) You can connect across games and platforms, but there isn’t a clue of what that means until further down the line. But as for a release date, that will be the Holidays in 2020. I am not trying to make this political but as a gamer, I am curious to know if the tariffs will affect the production of Project Scarlett.


With Project Scarlett launching with Halo Infinite, we get to see Master Chief being brought back for a new Generation, except something is different. And it is the fact that Cortana is still lost, the Covenant has beaten back the humans but the one thing that hasn’t changed is The Chief is ready to fight!

It was one of the games that were accidentally leaked early but it is fascinating that we’ll have a video game from the mind of George R.R. Martin, but fans do hope this will be better than Game of Throne’s Season Eight or there will be a petition (am I right fellas?)


Obsidian, from the makers of Dungeon Siege III, Alpha Protocol and the Pillars of Eternity Game Series brings you this new Open-World game that has a hint of Fallout in a sense, originally supposed to be released in 2018, this game will be coming October 25th, 2019. BUT, no mention has been made about it possibly being released on other consoles just yet.

NinjaTheory’s new video game makes you wonder “What happens if I mixed Borderlands, Fortnite and Splatoon into one game?” The answer? Bleeding Edge, a third-person melee combat game where four players team up to take down their opponents. The technical alpha starts on June 27th.


Another new Minecraft game, this time it looks like it has brought in a touch of Diablo into the mix, one can never have enough of a good Dungeon Crawler game. For now, all we know about this game is that it has a 2020 release date and it will be Four-Player Multiplayer.

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