E3 Coverage: EA Play 2019 Part One

EA Play 2019 brings games Battlefield V, The Sims 4, Madden 20, Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order and more!

Credit: EA Games 2019 ©

Gamers, E3 has officially kicked off this weekend and beginning the Conference is EA Games with EA Play 2019; we begin with the new Star-Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order.

When it was first announced at the Star-Wars Celebration event in Chicago, Illinois two months ago, any information about the game was scarce, and if you happened to find it there was a suspicion that it was either a hoax or a fan theory. But as of Saturday, June 8th there was new gameplay footage and from the looks of it, we’ll be getting some tactics that were inspired by games like Bloodborne and a Dark Souls. We’re getting a Major Character from Rogue One introduced into the game, and that character is Saw Guerra; Forest Whitaker who portrayed Guerra will be reprising his role for the game in which in this gameplay footage and trailer we see that Saw is an ally of our protagonist Cal Kestis. The gameplay so far looks promising, interesting ways to fight and nice visuals; but having nice graphics isn’t always the best thing when playing a video game, it has to have some depth in the story and that certain feeling of replayability that fans both of Video games and Star Wars come to count on.

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Next up, we have Respawn Entertainment with the unveiling of Apex Legend’s Second Season.

In our first look of the second season of Apex Legends with the introduction of a new character, the Legend’s name is Wattson and learn of her backstory. A brilliant scientist and master engineer, Wattson appears to have the power of using Electricity to place it as a defensive wall that helps control the area around her when in battle. A fighter who appears to be a ranged DPS type of character who also can be used as a tactical fighter; using robots, turrets, and other technology to help defend and secure her location, and of course, the flow of battle.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts 2019 ©

Another tactic she uses is Electric Fences, with this at her whim the enemy will damage enemies that try to get through it, but not worry if you’re on her team because you will not receive damage. Also discussed was her Ultimate and that is called Interception Pylon, this will block any incoming projectiles such as airstrikes, bombardments and of course, Grenades; this will also help recharge her tactical abilities to help Wattson get fences out in a faster pace.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts 2019 ©

Now to move onto the new weapon that was introduced, a fan favorite gun called the L-Star, a gun from Titan-Fall 2 that is a heavy assault rifle that will do more damage than any caliber of the guns in the game. But there is one thing about the L-Star and that is it will only be available in Care Packages, the Kraber and Mastiff are other weapons that are available in Care Packages.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts 2019 ©

Also coming to Season 2 is the new legendary skins, there will be four and to start it off will be the Prince of Darkness Skin for Caustic, Jade Tiger Skin for Octane. There will also be a Spitfire skin called The Intimidator and the Iron Rampage skin for the R-301. Another feature that was announced by Respawn Entertainment is the Ranked mode, it would help players compete at a higher level. Ranked modes are rare for battle royale games, due to the difficulty of matching so many players together at similar ranks. The Battle Pass for Apex Legends will be available after Season one, nothing was mentioned about the price of the pass but Season One’s pass is around $9.50 and it is possible that it Season two could be priced the same.

As part of our e3 coverage, we will be dividing the posts up into parts due to the lengths of the conferences. That way its easier to read and easier access for what you, the reader are interested the most in. We have fixed our comment section, Share your thoughts with us! (UPDATE: EA Play 2019 part two is live, click the link to read more.)