Popular Creator-Owned Project “Hazbin Hotel” Gets a release date

Hazbin Hotel finally has a release date, and its coming sooner than you think.

Hazbin Hotel Created and Owned by: Viviene ‘Vivziepop’ Medrano

There has been one animated project that has taken the internet and conventions by storm and it involves a lady named Charlie Magne, who is the Princess of Hell, she has a dream of opening the ‘Happy Hotel‘ a place that demons, sinners can be rehabilitated; a safe alternative than being Exterminated when Hell is overpopulated. The cast consists of colorful characters such as the fiesty and lovely lady named Vaggie, who’s the Manager and girlfriend of the Princess; known to have an explosive temper and very protective of Charlie. Then we have a fan favorite that everyone loved his sarcastic and sassy attitude; his name is Angel Dust, one of the first patients of Charlie’s new Hotel.

Hazbin Hotel Created and Owned by: Viviene ‘Vivziepop’ Medrano

Then there is another fan favorite that developed quite a fanbase like Angel Dust, and that’s Alastor, nicknamed ‘The Radio Demon‘ and then ‘Strawberry Pimp’ because of Angel. Alastor, with a smile on his face and the power to assist Charlie with her endeavors. But what is he planning? What is he hiding under that smile? We’ll find out soon because at Momo Con there was an announcement made regarding the release date for Hazbin Hotel, VivziePop and her creative team mentioned it will be released in October 2019! If you want to stay up to date on Viviene’s projects, check out her Youtube Channel or Twitter.

The Official Trailer for Hazbin Hotel

Update: The Hazbin Hotel pilot has been uploaded on YouTube, the link is right here. We also have reviews up for Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss