Matt Reeves finds his Dark Knight, Meanwhile, Fans Petition.


Robert Pattinson to don the Cowl; meanwhile, fans prepare Petition.

From Teen Heartthrob to Caped Crusader, It was confirmed on May 16th by Variety‘s Justin Kroll that Robert Pattinson will be playing the part of DC Superhero, Batman. While it isn’t a done deal, Pattinson is considered to be the Top Actor to take the role.

Robert Pattinson
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There isn’t an official date to start filming just yet, Variety mentions that it could start filming in late 2019, early 2020. Speaking of filming, Robert is scheduled to star in a Warner Bros. Film with Director Christopher Nolan’s event movie that co-stars John Washinton David, which is set to premiere July 17th, 2020.

While Mr.Pattinson has several films opening this year (Also that was mentioned in the Exclusive from Variety), Claire Denis’ “High Life.” He also appears in Robert Eggers’ “The Lighthouse,” which bows at the Cannes Film Festival, “The King” for Netflix, and “Waiting for the Barbarians,” fans have expressed their frustration and embarrassment of Robert Pattinson taking on the role of their Hero. To the point of taking to Petitions.


Collider mentioned recently also revealed the villains that Pattinson’s Batman will take on.

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