Dragonball Super: Broly Director to join One Piece Anime as Series Director

Tatsuya Nagamine joins the Straw Hats again, starting with the Wano Arc

Dragonball Super: Broly accomplished something that hasn’t been done for most Anime related films haven’t been able to do; that is to be a critical success and become even more of a commercially, financial phenomenon. It was the best film in the Dragonball Franchise’s history, some would say that the success is owed to how well known the series was or say it was due to Youtube and social media. But, I would like to think it was because of a man named Tatsuya Nagamine, Tatsuya was the director of the Broly film; he and his team worked hard to make sure the fans got what they had paid to see and for the effort, the crew had put into the film.

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Rumors and reports began to come up as fans speculated when would Nagamine’s departure from the Dragonball Franchise takes place and his plans for what he was going to do next, then finally an announcement came from Toei Animation that Tatsuya’s next project would be the new Series Director for One Piece the Anime; when would he start? At the beginning of the Wano Arc.

The Announcement of Tatsuya Nagamine’s Next Adventure

There isn’t a concrete date for when the Anime’s Wano Arc would premiere, although reports speculate it would be in July. Fun fact, Tatsuya directed the One Piece film “One Piece Film Z“, so fans can rest assure knowing of Nagamine’s past experience with One Piece. He will be taking over as director from Toshinori Fukasawa, Fukasawa has quite a fan base but it is exciting to know that there is new blood for this Arc.

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