What’s new from DC TV?


A Teaser for Swamp-Thing and the Trailer for Batwoman premiered

The past couple of days CW and DC Universe have unveiled several new things coming to their line up and recently CW posted a trailer for the new DC Show Batwoman. And for DC Universe, Swamp-Thing

Ruby Rose as Batwoman
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Synopsis: “Kate Kane, Cousin of Bruce Wayne who has suddenly gone missing in the midst of a Crime Wave is sent away for her own safety by her Father, Jacob Kane who steps in with his own private security firm; Crows Private Security. But shortly after returning to Gotham Kate learns that her girlfriend, Sophie Moore has been captured by a gang! It is up to Kate to save Sophie and Gotham by taking up the mantle of the Bat in her Cousin’s Absence!”

A series that was greenlit by The CW network earlier this month will be airing on Sunday nights this fall alongside Supergirl. From the looks of things, it will fill the void that Arrow will leave after it ends.



Credit: Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson

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Synopsis: Returning to Houma, Louisiana, Abby Arcane investigates a deadly swamp-bourne virus where she develops a friendship with Allec Holland; a Scientist who tragically died. Later, Arcane soon discovers that the mysteries of the Swamp and Holland may not actually be dead after all..

May 2nd, 2018 the series was announced for the streaming service DC Universe, then Len Wiseman would direct the first episode in addition to serving as the show’s executive producer. The series is described to be in the Horror Drama Genre.

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