Avengers: Endgame Review.


“Don’t worry Captain, your ass is America’s Ass!” ~Ant-Man

Tragedy, heartbreak, wounded pride, and a broken home. That is what describes it best after the ” Snap heard throughout the Galaxy.” Lives destroyed, families torn away or have gone missing; we saw this when Clint witnessed this first hand when his family disappeared. The Avengers weren’t faring well after witnessing their teammates, fellow soldiers vanish in an instant while Thanos summoned a portal and vanished, he did what he came for or what he thought was a twisted form of “Destiny” but that is always the thing about Destinies, they’re similar to the future it can be changed, and it can be rewritten! I have seen some things that can rip your heart out but after seeing Endgame; I think we agree that this practically rips your heart out and puts it in a blender. Robert Downey Jr was incredible in this film, he brought everything in this film when it comes to his role; a man who assumed he had a plan for everything but preparing for that plan cost him and his teammates everything. Brie Larson has had a lot of trouble with critics in the past ever since she was cast as The Mighty, Captain Marvel but I feel that she portrayed Carol Danvers right, and with this (Also her other Marvel film Captain Marvel) she has proven that she can go toe to toe with the big dogs.

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This film is a visual masterpiece, you can tell that Marvel Studios and Disney made sure that they would pull all the stops for this final Avengers film; as you would hear in television shows or movies when portraying the Rich “Money is no object” and the case in making sure in getting it right. There are a few things that made me cringe in this film, and one of them mainly in the Big Green Giant known as Hulk, I felt that Bruce Banner got the short end of the stick again in this movie. Yes he and Hulk had some good moments in the film but this felt more of portraying Amadeus Cho than Bruce Banner, it’s understandable that Banner is relieved to have his mind and Hulk under control but things are never that simple. Then there is Thor and his self-imposed exile; speaking as a man who has suffered from anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem; he couldn’t face himself for the mistake he made when Thanos accomplished his goal. A mix of arrogance and pride is a terrible thing when you try to hide your emotions like Thor was doing up until he realized his mistakes, owning up to them when he teamed with Cap and Iron-Man to take on Thanos one last time.


The time travel sequence was interesting and problematic, It sounds odd to say but there were several mistakes made in this; the first one when Bruce, Steve, Tony, and Scott went to New York after Loki and Thanos’ forces first invaded the first film, how exactly did Bruce know when and how to meet with Doctor Strange’s Teacher? When would Stephen Strange tell him of her? Then the whole ordeal with Loki, he disappears with the Tesseract. How did this not affect Thor and Rocket’s point of time during ‘Thor: Dark World’? Maybe overthinking this but again, the “Excellent Journey!”  Was Chaotic and Problematic for the movie!

Black Widow’s sacrifice. Oh-ho… I was shocked and a bit appalled; because Natasha was trained to be an assassin and She was a badass, but during the last few years in the MCU, she seemed to have lost a bit of her character in each Avenger film. Till finally, they decide to have her and Hawkeye fight over “Who will sacrifice themselves for the greater good first?” Which was odd and straight out of a looney tunes cartoon. But, overall I was hoping to see her join in the final battle with Captain Marvel and the other women of Marvel.


The final battle was extraordinary, well done and well choreographed; The Russo Bros did a marvelous (I’m using this word so sue me lol!) job on directing the scene and the film. Chris Evans was one of the great MVPs in this film, in the theater when Captain America passed on the shield to his partner Sam Wilson it was truly a tearful moment. Looking forward to seeing more of Sam Wilson as the Captain.

Final grade: 8.7 out of 10, this film was well done, as I had listed before there were flaws but what film doesn’t have one.

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