Batman: Hush Animated Film Trailer released

Another Batfilm is on the way, this time it’s bringing a Fan Favorite Villain.

Well, gang, its another DC animated film and it stars Batman (Shocker.) And it is an adaption of Jeph Loeb’s classic Batman Story “Hush”. I apologize for the lack of enthusiasm for this but between you and me, its high time for DC to dig into their Vast DC Universe and bring the fans something new. Don’t get me wrong ladies and Gents, I like Batman but we’re needing a more diverse market when it comes to bringing in new fans; and DC has the capability to do it and the characters invest in a risk-taking move. And for now, here is the synopsis for the film:

An adaptation of the seminal DC classic tale, Batman: Hush centers on a shadowy new villain known only as Hush, who uses Gotham’s Rogues Gallery to destroy Batman’s crime-fighting career, as well as Bruce Wayne’s personal life – which has already been complicated by a relationship with Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. Coming late summer 2019.