Stan Lee’s Former Manager charged with Elder Abuse!


Former Manager charged with Elder abuse.

According to Reuters, the former manager of Stan Lee has been charged with five counts of Elder Abuse in the Los Angles Superior Court, an arrest warrant has been issued. The charges were filed on May 10th and may stem from a series of incidents relayed in court documents, including a restraining order filed against Keya Morgan by Lee’s Representatives in 2018.

Those documents alleged Morgan financially abused Lee while also segregating him from his family. Morgan was also arrested for filing a false police report in which he allegedly reported a false claim of an attempted robbery of Lee’s property.


Morgan was subsequently reported to be under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department for formal allegations of elder abuse. Reuters did not specify whether the May 10 charges stemmed directly from this investigation.

Update: Keya Morgan has been arrested in Arizona on Saturday, May 25th, 2019

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