This match is for one fall..

Credit: WWE, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman

WWE reaches new heights of popularity (Sometimes Alienating old fans, but hey that happens a lot with most shows. But sometimes Change is inevitable, cannot stop it.) From their work with the Make-a-wish foundation, all the way up to their Social Media presence now you have the power to be a General Manager of their favorite wrestlers! Similar to the Console WWE Games of the past (Here comes the Pain was my all-time favorite lol!) Now without further ado, WWE Universe.

WWE Legends Gen 2 Fun Box Tin ToteWWE Uno GameWWE Universal Championship Roleplay BeltWWE Superstars RAW Women's Championship Roleplay Belt
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In WWE Universe, players will guide a team of Superstars and WWE Legends into battles fueled by ongoing storylines and live-action multiplayer modes. Players can take charge with simple, one-touch tap controls that trigger a Superstar’s signature moves in a bout featuring authentic maneuvers, chants, music and more.

Those who guide their Superstar teams to victory in daily, weekly or special events will see their efforts reflected in exclusive in-game rewards and on the WWE Universe leaderboard tracking the achievements.

To keep up to date with the latest announcements for WWE Universe on the mobile game’s official Facebook page and Twitter account (@WWEUniverseGame). Which an announcement is listed below:

Social Media Announcement

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