Ace Attorney: Season Two Review


Mia… Don’t you get it? You can’t cry yet. The only time a lawyer can cry is when it’s all over.”

Diego Armando

Fans of the Ace Attorney Series knows how the episodes will play out because of the Video Games but there were a few cases that weren’t included in the games; so prepare your statements and look at the evidence because its time to start the Cross-Examination!

One of the best things about this anime was how true it stayed with the game’s story and the impact of each case, there were some exaggerated emotional moments but overall it stood out without needing any help of any flashy gimmicks to move the story along in most cases of recent animes but the studio in charge of this Season was CloverWorks, Fans are very familiar with this Studio due to well-known animes such as Persona 5, Darling in Franxx.


Was Dahlia the Perfect Criminal?

Dahlia Hawthorne

In the Ace Attorney Series, was Dahlia the perfect criminal? Prepared for every situation, made no mistakes, and an alibi prepared to throw suspicion off of her. Until she met her match, Mia Fey and Diego Armando! Dahlia outsmarted Mia the first time they met by relying on Terry Fawles’ love for her and the ‘promise’ they made. With Terry committing suicide from drinking the vial of poison and changing his story to save Dahlia, she lived to see another day, and Fey unable to convict Dahlia. During this case in the Anime, there were some changes made that weren’t in the Video Game; she couldn’t get away this time as Mia finally caught Dahlia in the act, the Conviction finally stood as Dahlia was taken to Jail, waiting to be put to death. The anime again showed perfectly how sadistic Dahlia Hawthorne could be and how to portray her as she was presented in-game. Even though she came back from the dead and tried to get her revenge and of course failed to do so, but the question remains unanswered, even though she was caught and proven guilty, Is Dahlia the Perfect Criminal? A Heart of a demon with the Face of an Angel.


The Filler Episodes

Even though filler episodes usually frown upon by Anime Fans the episodes included in this season weren’t entirely bad, take for example ‘Northward, Turnabout Express‘ it was originally adapted from V-Jump Magazine. The episode about Miles Edgeworth’s life after the infamous DL-7 incident was something needed for the Series, it showed us what Von Karma saw in Edgeworth, keeping a close eye on him until he could be ‘disposed’ of.

Final Grade: 8.0 out of 10

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