Wonder Con 2019: Marvel Rising


Today, the fans at Anaheim were in for a treat at this year’s Wonder Con in the Marvel Rising panel when they got their chance to see three new Marvel Animated specials; Three?! That’s right True Believer, Marvel confirmed there will be three new animated specials and one of them will introduce Riri Williams into the MAU (Marvel Animated Universe).

The Heart of Iron

Ironheart is here!

Let’s head to Wakanda, with “Operation: Shuri!‘ In this we’ll see Shuri taking on one of the toughest missions, she’ll have help thanks to the Secret Warriors, and that is Hanging out and trying to live an Ordinary Life as Teenager! But when you’re living in the Marvel Universe, Nothing is ever Ordinary!


With that, We’ll see Spider-Gwen (Ghost Spider, whatever you prefer) return in “Battle Of the Bands!” Which will be featuring Gwen working with the Secret Warriors again, forcing them to investigate mysterious attacks on the City, can Gwen and the others stop the attacks and get her to the competition on time?

Coming Soon!

If that wasn’t hot enough for you, then this will be a scorcher! “Playing with Fire!” stars Inferno trying to find a powerful young villain who steals his powers, it’s up to the Secret Warriors to track down the villain! But does Inferno really want his powers back? This is a really good time to bring back an important lesson from Uncle Ben and with it “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!

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