WonderCon: DC Publishers reveal the future of The DC Universe


DiDio and Lee spoke about Detective Comics #1000, which featured a collabroation between Lee and Kevin Smith. “I’ve already tweeted Kevin Smith about working together again,” Lee added. “From a fan perspective,” DiDio said, “I’ve never seen so many great artists on one book. You really get your value. We’re very proud of this book, and if people loved it that’s what we want to hear.”

Speaking about the Year of the Villain, DiDio hinted that “it’s a great story being done by Brian Michael Bendis and Scott Snyder that will build off of events in Justice League and Batman with the “City of Bane”, all culminating in November this year. Our goal is to raise the stakes of all of our titles, and that they have effects across the entire DC Universe. One of the things I hate seeing is movies and TV showing connectivity better than the comics… that’s something they learnt from comics, and it’s something we’re returning to. Starting the first wednesday in May, and picking up each week.”

Jim Lee revealed that “another push is Leviathan Rising, and we’re excited to announce two titles coming out of Levithan Rising, Lois Lane by Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins and Jimmy Olsen by Matt Fraction and Steve Grieger.” DiDio added that “Lois Lane plays directly into the Leviathan story, and we’re so excited to see her involved in the story. Since Rucka is writing Lois Lane, you’ll see Rucka favorites like Renee Montoya. And Jimmy Olsen has the same energy as Hawkeye at Marvel, that sense of adventure and fun.”


They also brought up the upcoming Black Label books, including the Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. story Superman: Year One and Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo on Batman: The Last Knight. It will feature Batman traveling the scorched remains of the Earth carrying the (still alive) head of the Joker. “I think they’re doing something special here,” DiDio added about Last Knight. “We’re trying to look at our key characters and explore them in new ways.” He then described Superman: Year One as “a fun story… Frank Miller loves Superman, and each chapter explore a different great love of Superman’s life. Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, and Lois Lane.”

DiDio spoke about the Wal-Mart released comics, and revealed that the stories collected in those issues will soon be collected in trade collections aimed towards the direct market. Lee brought up the DC Young Readers book lines, saying “we’re so glad to see [DC] in this market. This is the fastest growing market, and we’re excited to see it grow. Some of the stuff in DC Ink is actually more mature than what we have in the main line. We went out and hired… writers and artists who hadn’t worked in DC Comics, and brought them onto the line. We want them to feel different, and we’re glad to see them becoming so different.”


The titles include Mera: Tidebreaker by Danielle Paige and Stephen Byrne, Super Sons by Ridley Pearson and Ile Gonzalez, and Under the Moon by Lauren Myracle and Issac Goodhart. “Across the Black Label and young lines,” DiDio explained, “we’re trying to appeal to a wide range of fans. Not everyone is reading the same material… and so long as people want to read words and pictures together, we’re going to find a way to reach those fans… we’ve always got to lead, in terms of the content that we’re creating… If you enjoy our characters, we’re going to give you ways to enjoy them.”

They moved to the topic towards Vertigo, announcing that the second year of the Sandman universe is on the way. Some of the Young Animal titles are also returning, including Gerald Way returning to Doom Patrol.

Source: CBR

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