What’s new from C2E2 2019?


What’s New Red?

This weekend was the 9th Annual Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (Or C2E2 for short), and today The Nerd Den has coverage of a few events rounded up from around the Web.

Valkyrie gets her own series!

Straight out of Marvel’s War of the Realms, Valkyrie is getting her own series with Thor’s current writer Jason Aaron as Co-Writer, and Immortal Hulk writer, Al Ewing, no other information is available.

Hickman joins the X-Men with two new titles.

Currently being teased has been the return of fan-favorite Jonathan Hickman, the popular writer will be writing two new X-Men titles in July after the current Age of X-Man storyline ends. At Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel, the two X-Titles, House of X and Powers Of X will mark Hickman’s first work for the company since 2016’s Event Secret Wars. Artist Pepe Larraz will draw House of X while R.B. Silva will work draw Powers of X.

Marvel Editor-In-Chief C.B. Beluski said that Hickman’s X-Men would mark a new milestone for the team in the vein of Giant-Sized X-Men #1, Stan Lee and Chris Claremont’s X-Men #1, Age of Apocalypse, and Grant Morrison’s X-Men, calling the titles “Something totally different” for the franchise.


“We are excited to have Jon back with the Marvel family, and we could not have asked for a better creative team to help usher the X-Men into a whole new era, While we can’t reveal too much about the story just yet, these new stories will redefine the X-Men and their place in the Marvel Universe. This is a historic moment both new and passionate fans won’t want to miss.”

C.B. Beluski

Let me just say that we have radical, radical plans for all of you. I grew up primarily a DC Comics guy; the only book I read of Marvel growing up was the X-Men, All the books I’ve done at Marvel up to this point, were fantastic jobs – but they were jobs. This is was the first book I’ve loved before I started doing it. I probably haven’t been more proud of anything I’ve worked on than this. I think all of you will be pretty jacked. We’re doing some different radical stuff. Two books that’ll you have to read both to stay tuned, but there’s a good reason for it.”

Jonathan Hickman

HOUSE OF X-MEN AND POWERS OF X Will begin in July, and will publish on an Alternating weekly schedule, effectively delivering a weekly dose of Hickman’s X-Men.

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