‘I’ve got a plan’: Red Dead Redemption 2 Review.


Did you ever imagine getting a chance to be a Bounty Hunter, Robber, and a hero at the same time in the old west? Or maybe just be a smart ass. We’re gonna get on our Cowboy hats, the spurs, and controllers, we’re jumping in our review! As the story goes depending on what you choose, You’re Arthur Morgan a Criminal on the run because of a botched job in Blackcreek from the Law and the Pinkertons, trying to outdo a rival bandit group ran by the Colm O’Driscoll. Later on, you meet unique people along the way, some good, some bad, and Strange (Like the naked man who thinks he is a wolf… Awkward); some travelers you meet along the way will give you side quests, Legendary Animal tips and of course, making the best Moonshine. Of course, you’ll make more enemies like Leviticus Cornwall, the Brathwaite, and Grays.

But as mentioned before depending on what choices you make along the way will determine how your story will play out; will you be remembered as the Good Hearted Gunslinger? Or be the hateful criminal?

Please note: This Review is focused solely on the Single player mode, not the Online Portion.


The Van Der Linde Gang

The Choice I Chose.

In my Campaign, I played as the smart ass outlaw Arthur Morgan, who had an itchy trigger finger. One thing I loved about this game was that it isn’t one of those games where you would have to rush and complete it immediately, it is a game that the player can thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the Old West in this Open-World environment, most of the hours I spent was doing the side quests and exploring the world that Rockstar offered, from the tough Ozark Winter to the swamplands near Saint-Denis. One of the most time-consuming things you could do on the game is of course fishing unless you decided to be that one jerk and throw dynamite in the lake to kill the fish to take a short cut in gathering meat. The hunting was another one of the enjoyable aspects of the game, not because of the hunt but because you can see every detail and all the effort the developers put into the game, graphics, and in that environment.

During the journey, we notice with Dutch Van Der Linde leading the group, Arthur was his the co-leader, the group consisted of women, men, and a child. Described living in a “Robin Hood” type of lifestyle, but in search of the Biggest heist to live out the rest of their lives free from the Law and financially secure to live the life they were promised. But before robbing banks and doing heists we have to learn the basics, to hunt, to fish and personal grooming. The hunting and fishing are basically for forging for vegetables, spices, and plants that are essential for your health, deadeye and your horse’s health and stamina. I spent several hours learning what I could to get started on getting Arthur on his way in the story.


The story is one of the things that made the game worthwhile the weight of history and what you endure during it weighs heavily on you emotionally, odd to say but the hours I spent playing as Arthur (Later on John Marston) I got to learn more about him, the group and the Old West and the environment. The Dialogue system was another asset of the video game, in most games, the action for conversational moments comes to a screeching halt when you are free for leisure it is different in RDR2, conversations that happen outside after a cutscene or a scripted moment is initiated by pressing the left trigger to focus on a person, then can choose a conversational by using the Controller’s face buttons. This is one of the things other developers might look into for their games because it gave players dialogue options that pull them away from surrounding activity.

My Final thoughts: The Game is truly a masterpiece, this isn’t because of being a sucker for action games or because it being the trend to call something that looks beautiful a “Masterpiece” no, this isn’t superficial. You can see all of the hard work that the team over at Rockstar put into making this Video Game; how many hours it took to get something right or studying the history behind Gunslingers, The Old West, and Native Americans. If you haven’t tried the game yet and you’re still on the fence about it, It is worth owning.

Final Grade:

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

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