Some versions of the new Resident Evil Demo censors Gore.

In an interesting turn of events, the newly released Resident Evil 2 game demo in Japan has toned down its gore and has less carnage than its North American counterpart.

If you were planning on purchasing a Japanese version of the game or you are currently living in Japan then you might possibly want to purchase it elsewhere. But unless you are a gamer who isn’t too keen on Gory things then this will be one for you; If you recall back in 1998 when the first Resident Evil 2 came out it was shockingly gory but in 2019 with the remake will take the gore to the next level which that has the Japanese market and Capcom suspectedly looking at this as a bit of a problem.

Tristan Cooper; an Editor at Dorkly pointed out on Twitter recently about the toned down gore in certain points of the Demo by doing a side by side comparison video of the North American version of the demo and the Japanese version. As you watch the video you can see the differences are substantial; In the demo from Japan is less visually sharp in the terms of Gore, it replaces the brutality with a smudged bloody look.

Now fans of the Resident Evil series that live in Japan can recall that when Capcom released Resident Evil 7 back in 2017 it was partially censored to make it less gory.

This isn’t uncommon in Japan, localized games can censor out heavy gore if needed, however, in the West localized games can censor out sexual content from Japanese games. It is strange indeed because here in the west there is more of a tolerance for violence and gore but isn’t much tolerance for sexual content. It is the opposite in Japan, to you the reader I apologize for any confusion in this paragraph. Odd research for this portion of the article.

If you’re interested in trying the demo it is available for XBox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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