Young Justice Premiere Review.


Fans of the show, young and old are familiar with how intense the action and the storyline can be and could get, it was really unfortunate that it was canceled early off due to a network’s bad decision. With its return five years later; however, doesn’t miss a beat! You can see how much it has taken a toll on Dick and Kaldur, the loss of their teammate Wally, the aftermath of the Reach’s invasion of Earth, and the burden of being a hero; how heavy it rested on his shoulders for years to be a leader for the team training recruits also trying to prove the league’s innocence after Vandal Savage’s plans with the “Light”. But with the time skip it shows us how much things have changed Earth and amongst the Justice League.

What is a wonderful surprise that we have is that DC brought in some more Characters from Milestone Media Comics, You’re familiar with Icon and Rocket from seasons one and two, but we have Static and Hardware now! Steel made his debut this season as a league member as well. In the beginning, we see that Dick dawns an outfit that is the very similar outfit he had in Tom King’s Grayson and working with Oracle to stop and destroy a meta-human experiment/trafficking operation in Moscow which is part of a bigger plan later on as we find out in the episode. In a sense, this also raises awareness of what is happening today in society or other parts of the world, not with meta-human genes but bio-weaponry or slavery in general terms.

With Grayson forming a team for a secret mission, we find him stopping by Artemis’ place. As mentioned before she just lost her boyfriend (Wally West) and seemed to be living alone with her pet dog, living with a roommate (Gonna stop there, no spoilers on who the roommate is.). On a lighter note, Halo is one of the new heroines introduced this season but not a lot is known about her yet, making her debut in the middle of the second episode, Black Lightning is a hero in this season that is the most relatable at the beginning of these premiere episodes because for starters he is training Static on the use of his powers, being a mentor to him and he is battling inner demons, wondering if he should still use his powers after one horrible incident he didn’t know.

I conclude this review by recommending you, the reader to watch this new season, it was worth the wait, the long fight, and the campaign to bring back this wonderful show and cast. I will be honest with you all on this guys you would think that something that has been put on hold for a long time (I am referring to things canceled as well, shows or a reboot. But this review is not for bashing other shows or methods companies, creators do to win back their audience in some cases it alienates them at the same time. We all have seen it happen before. Either they are as you remember it or it comes back different.)


I give the premiere a solid 9 out of 10 and again; if you haven’t seen or not familiar with the Young Justice series then I recommend you watch the series from the beginning and check out the comic book tie-in series written by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti; drawn by Christopher Jones.

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