Oshi No Ko Gets An English Dub, Cast And Release Date Has Been Announced


It’s the manga and anime that have taken the world by storm. Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari’s Seinen Drama Oshi no Ko has been one of the biggest hits this year. Now we’re getting an English Dub and set to premiere on HIDIVE in five days (May 24th).

Director Shannon D. Reed will be handling the Dub. She has helmed recent dubs of Urusei YatsuraCall of the Night, and The Executioner and Her Way of Life. Here is a list of who will be part of the English Dub:

  • Ai Hoshino voiced by Donna Bella Litton
  • Gorou voiced by Jeremy Gee (Kaiji in Kaiji – Ultimate Survivor)
  • Sarina voiced by Savanna Menzel (Ema in SHIROBAKO)
  • Aqua voiced by Jack Stansbury (Mendo in Urusei Yatsura)
  • Ruby / Ruby (Young) voiced by Alyssa Marek (Nagomi in Akiba Maid War)
  • Aqua (Young) voiced by Chaney Moore (Ranko in Akiba Maid War)
  • Kana voiced by Natalie Rial (Nazuna in Call of the Night)
  • Ichigo voiced by Brandon Hearnsberger (Wazukyan in Made in Abyss)
  • Miyako voiced by Christina Kelly (Alpha in The Eminence in Shadow)
  • Taishi voiced by Ty Mahany (Master in Reincarnated as a Sword)

The opening song titled Idol by YOASOBI has already surpassed five million views in its first five weeks, and Queen Bee’s Mephisto is already near the 1k mark in its first two days. The anime series is directed by Daisuke Hiramaki, and Chao Nekotomi serves as an assistant director at Studio Doga Kobo. Series Composition is handled by Jin Tanaka, and character designs by Kanna Hirayama. Yen Press publishes the Oshi No Ko manga for English Audiences. Readers can also find Oshi No Ko on Shueisha’s Manga Plus App.

OSHI-NO-KON Second Key Art Visual
Image Credit: SHUEISHA INC/OSHI-NO-KO Production Committee

In the world of showbiz, lies are weapons.” Goro works as an OB-GYN in the countryside, a life far removed from the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, his favorite idol, Ai Hoshino, has begun her climb to stardom. The two meet in the “worst possible way,” setting the gears of fate in motion! The amazing Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari team up to depict the world of showbiz from a completely new perspective in this shocking series!

Source: Crunchyroll

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