Here Comes A New Challenger! Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Is Coming May 19th


Grab your Controllers and your Tournament Grade Fighting Stick. Because you are about to get a chance to try out Street Fighter 6! Capcom has announced plans for a new Open Beta, taking place in ten days.

Here they come, the Street Fighters that you know and love, and some new fighters as well! Capcom will be rolling out plans for players who didn’t get an opportunity to try it during the Closed Beta. The Open Beta will take place from May 19th to May 21st, giving players a chance to try out new content from the Closed Beta. Here’s what players can expect for the Open Beta:

  • Eight Playable Characters
  • Options for Ranked and Casual Matches
  • Tournaments
  • Training Mode
  • Game Center
  • Extreme Battles
  • Battlehub Matches

The Game Publisher has pointed out that the release version that follows less than a month from now will feature further updates to Character Balances and other aspects of the game. The past couple of weeks have been a treat for fans, here are the latest character trailers that have been released so far:


Street Fighter 6 will be available on June 2nd, 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source: Press Release

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