The Kinnikuman Franchise Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary with a New Anime and Exhibition


It is hard to believe it has been 40 years since the debut of the original anime series based on the Action/Sports Manga, Kinnikuman, created by the duo called Yudetamago (Consisting of writer Takashi Shimada and Artist Yoshinori Nakai). Now, we’re preparing to dive back in with a brand-new anime series!

According to a new announcement from the Official Twitter account for the new anime, a new series will launch to commemorate the original anime’s 40th anniversary, which launched in April 1983.

Kinnikuman Anime Key Visual Announcement
Image Credit: Yudetamago/Shueisha/Kinnikuman Production Committee

But that’s not all. A Super Exhibition for the anniversary will also be available on March 18th-April 2nd at the Tokyo Tower, located on the first basement floor. Fans will be able to visit the exhibit and take pictures and will have valuable materials from the anime series on display. Normal ticket prices will be around 2,000 yen (USD 15.40), and a special ticket is 7,000 yen (USD 58) which will include a super-heroes SWA World Champ Belt Buckle.


The manga creator duo, Yudetamago resumed their original Kinnikuman wrestling manga as a free web manga in 2011. The creators went back to their first 1979 Kinnikuman storyline, continuing where they left off in 1987. The original manga inspired various television series and films. The duo also published a Kinnikuman One-Shot in Shueisha’s Grand Jump! Magazine in 2015, and then published a one-shot in Weekly Shonen Jump for the first time in Eleven Years in 2019. The manga’s 81st compiled book volume shipped in Japan on Friday.

Source: Official Series Twitter Account

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