Yūsuke Murata Reveals The First Part of Zaiyuki Anime Project

In late February, Yūsuke Murata revealed a brand-new anime project titled Zaiyuki, a new anime project that was influenced by the tale Journey to the West. Now, we’re getting a first look at the first part.


Mūrata released the first part of his project in two separate tweets, without Audio and English Subtitles. He also mentioned in the second tweet that he is currently working on the project with Village Studio.

He mentioned in his first tweet that he had to upload it in two parts due to it being too big to upload on Social Media. It wasn’t the first time Murata was involved with this studio. In September 2021, he directed and animated a 107-Second Anime Short of One Punch Man. At this time, Zaiyuki does not have a release date.


Source: Yūsuke Murata (1,2)

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