Get Wild! City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust Is Coming In Fall 2023

Following the update from two months ago, Ryo Saeba is preparing for a big comeback in the newest film, City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust. The Final Chapter is set to begin in the Fall of 2023.

The Official Website and Social Media for the upcoming film have confirmed that it will focus on Ryo Saeba’s past and the death of his partner, Hideyuki Makimura. The film also has a new title to accompany the new teaser trailer, CITY HUNTER The Movie: Angel Dust, with the Final Chapter in the subtitle.

To celebrate the occasion, a newly drawn artwork of Kaori Makimura brandishing a mallet celebrating the news of the film’s title and release date. Also, two more staff members have been confirmed, Shinjuku Private Eyes Director Kenji Kodama will be returning to helm the film, along with Yasuyuki Muto, returning as the scriptwriter.

Available now to those who will be buying tickets for the new film will get a special movie ticket bonus, a newly illustrated clear file alongside the previously announced ticket card.

CITY HUNTER The Movie: Angel Dust Key Visual
Image Credit: Aniplex

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