This Week In The Nerd Fandom: February 21st, 2023

Hello everyone, welcome to another fun edition of This Week In The Nerd Fandom! Last week, we covered a very special edition, and now, we’re seeing several big announcements that came up in the past few days.

High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku Reaches The End

Image Credit: Shueisha Inc.

I was taken by surprise by this news. But Ryō Nakama’s High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku has suddenly reached its Graduation Year. The Manga released its final chapter in this year’s twelfth issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. Shueisha announced that the future compiled volume (Or Volumes) will feature additional stories. To celebrate the final chapter, Ryō Nakama released a special illustration to thank the fans for their support. Viz Media will be releasing the fifth volume in April 2023.

Michael B. Jordan Speaks About Creed III and The Anime Influences in the Film

Actor/Director Michael B. Jordan made a stop at the IGN Fest to promote the third film of the Creed Franchise. He took a moment to discuss the many anime influences that have fueled the upcoming film. He spoke about how he put a spin on the fights in Creed III, dropping anime titles such as Naruto, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, MEGALOBOX, and Hajime no Ippo. Creed III opens in Theaters on March 3rd, 2023.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles come to Crunchyroll in April

Get your wands and weights ready! Mashle: Magic and Muscles is coming to Crunchyroll this April! Aniplex of America and Crunchyroll formally announced that the anime adaption of the popular manga series will take part in the anime streaming service’s Spring Anime Catalog. For more information on this announcement, head over to Crunchyroll.

Dawn of DC Gives Rise to Three New Asian Superheroes!

DC recently announced three new Asian Superheroes that will be taking part in their own Comic Book Series in the Dawn of DC! Spirit World (May 9th), The Vigil (May 16th), and City Boy (May 23rd). These three new limited series will be under the We Are Legends! Banner. For more on this announcement, DC has the details.

The American Library Association Releases Its “Best of 2022” Graphic Novels List

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

The American Library Association released its newest Best of 2022 Graphic Novels List. Here is a list of fan-favorite titles that have been announced:

  • Lore Olympus (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2)
  • Strange Adventures (DC Comics)
  • Nubia and the Amazons (DC Comics)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin (IDW Publishing)
  • House of Slaughter: The Butchers Mark (Boom! Studios)
  • The Good Asian Volume Two (Image Comics)
  • Talk to My Back
  • Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, Vol. 1 (Viz Media)
  • Witches: The Complete Collection (Seven Seas Entertainment)

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