Wizards of the Coast Tabletop Game Sales Are Up 40% For Q4 and Up 12% For The Year


After almost alienating its fanbase and then reversing course entirely, the annual sales report showed a 40% Growth for the fourth quarter and 12% for its quarterly in 2022.

After successfully managing to get his foot out of his mouth, Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks addressed the recent events and acknowledged that WoTC misfired in its handling of the proposed Open Game License revisions. In this writer’s opinion, misfired isn’t the word you’re looking for, more along the lines of losing in a game of Risk.

Dungeons and Dragons- Dragon Lance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen Cover Art
Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Furthermore, in the financial results, Wizards of the Coast led the company in a generally down quarter for Hasbro. Q4 sales by WoTC and digital gaming were $339.0 Million, up 22% from $277.9 Million in Q4 2021. Now, Hasbro is breaking out tabletop and digital sales in the segment, we know that WotC tabletop game sales were $266.7 million in Q4, up 40% from $190.5 million in Q4 2021. The Q4 operating profit in the segment was $104.1 Million, up from $84.7 Million in 2021.


Hasbro also listed the Magic the Gathering Sales, reporting $263.2 Million in Sales for the fourth quarter, up 40% (the reason behind this was that Magic the Gathering sales are nearly large enough as the segment’s tabletop game sales, which included digital revenue.)

Speaking of total gaming sales, Hasbro brands such as monopoly and WoTC, were up to a modest 5% to $581.8 million, from $555.6 million in 2021.

For more information on the newest financial report, and in-depth comments from Hasbro’s CEO, Christopher Cocks, head over to ICv2 for more information.

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