“How To Kill A Franchise In 10 Days” WoTC Issues Statement After OGL Backlash


While this isn’t promoting a romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson, Hasbro, and Wizards of the Coast is effectively showing the Tabletop Gaming Community and the world its next big project, “How to Kill A Franchise in 10 Days“, starring its franchise, Dungeons & Dragons.

If you’re new to this recent backlash, then let’s bring you up to speed. Just before the New Year, Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks and WoTC and Digital Gaming President Cynthia Williams described the D&D Brand as under-monetized, which led to speculation that Wizards of The Coast would seek to increase revenues by changing OGL or eliminating it to cut off third-party creators.

So, this led to an announcement that it would continue, but with changes that would address numerous issues that included technologies, such as Blockchains and NFTs. But the biggest change would have to be that the previously available OGL 1.0 state was “no longer an authorized license agreement.” By ending the original OGL, many licensed publishers will have to completely overhaul their products and distribution to comply with the updated rules. The change would cause larger publishers who focused exclusively on products based on the OGL would be under pressure to quickly update their business model.


Fans and Game Creators faced the possibility that the new system was more of a trap. Meaning there was a chance of their rights to the original license being nullified. Amid the chaos, misinformation ran rampant, and the community felt that the company was alienating them with its new policy.

Now, we’re seeing Game Companies such as Paizo speaking out against the Open Game License Changes, and now, players are canceling their subscriptions on DnD Beyond after a new email leak. According to the new email, the higher-ups are delaying the rollout of the new changes, citing the backlash from fans of the news. Mentioning that they have no intention of changing their plans, and counting on players to forget their grievances.


The news of this email impacted the company so much that it caused DnD Beyond’s server to crash from so many players canceling their subscriptions and deleting their accounts. Dungeons & Dragons were trending again on Social Media, this time with hashtags like OpenDnD, DnDBeGone, and StopTheSub as fans expressed their disdain for Wizards of The Coast and their parent company Hasbro for their new policies. WoTC released a new statement listing the reasons they decided to revise the OGL, one of them being the assurance that the OGL was for content creators, home brewers, designers, and players. Not for the use of corporations to use for their own commercial and promotional purpose.

According to CNBC’s Sarah Whitten, Hasbro said it still intends to create a new OGL but that it will not include a royalty structure or give itself access to intellectual property made by third-party content creators. With the OGL changed postponed, the Table Top Gaming Community remains cautious of the company’s next move.

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