Genshin Impact Recasts Tighnari Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Voice Actor Elliot Gindi


Warning: The Following News Report Contains Details Regarding Sexual Misconduct

Normally, I usually don’t cover anything related to Genshin Impact, but this certain situation has me making an exception. Recently, there has been news reported from Anime News Network and Kotaku regarding the recent actions of Voice Actor Elliot Gindi.

On February 9th, voice actor Elliot Gindi issued a public apology on Twitlonger on Wednesday after allegations began to surface regarding being in relationships with multiple fans, some have come forward saying they were underage at the time and pressured them for nude photographs. Furthermore, Gindi went on to mention that he had threatened them with suicide if they came forward with their stories but he also denies any wrongdoing.

Since then, a former moderator for Gindi’s Twitch and Discord shared a document via Google Drive (the document has been removed due to a violation of their Terms of Service) that reportedly showed his interactions with three fans on Discord and Instagram. The document contained descriptions of Gindi’s behavior to three moderators who helped compile the testimony. Since the revelation of that tweet bombshell, it has been viewed 13 Million times. Fifty Voice Actors that work with Geshin Impact have condemned Gindi for his sexual misconduct and their outrage.


HoYoverse took action regarding Elliot Gindi’s outlandish behavior, the studio announced on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter that they would fire Elliot for a Breach of Contract but did not specify how or what exactly he breached his contract. The company’s developmental team is in discussion with the voice recording agency regarding recasting and replacing the character’s in-game voice lines in future updates. HoYoverse also mentions that the company intends to issue more official announcements about when these changes will take place.

Source: Anime News Network, Kotaku (1,2)

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