Shin Kamen Rider Announces Release Date On the 50th Anniversary of The Final Episode


SHOCKER is on the move, and our fearless hero is hot on their trail. Toei has announced that Hideaki Anno’s Shin Kamen Rider will have a Country-wide screening set to premiere on March 17th.

Yesterday, Toei released a brand new trailer and two new posters to accompany the Release Date Announcement for Shin Kamen Rider, as mentioned previously, it will have a country-wide screening but it will also premiere in Japanese Theaters on March 18th. It is also set to play in IMAX, 4DX, and Dolby Cinemas.

In addition to this, Toei also announced two new cast members joining the film. Nanase Nishino will be taking the role of Hachi Augment-01, and Mirai Moriyama will be portraying Ririko’s older brother, Ichirō Midorikawa.

  • Shin Kamen Rider Visual 2
  • Shin Kamen Rider- Ruriko Midorikawa
  • Shin Kamen Rider- Takeshi Hongo Under The Guidance Of Ruriko Midorikawa
  • Shin Kamen Rider- Takeshi Hongo and Ruriko Midorikawa

The release date announcement also holds special meaning to Kamen Rider Fans, the final episode of the original Kamen Rider television series was released on February 10th, 1973. It would see not only the defeat of SHOCKER but it would introduce the next Kamen Rider, Shiro Kazami, Kamen Rider V3.

Katsuro Onoue is credited to be the associate director, with Ikki Todoroki as an assistant director. Famed Designers Mahiro Maeda, Ikuto Yamashita, and Yutaka Izubuchi are involved in the film. The designers have worked with Anno previously on previous projects such as Evangelion. Isao Tsuge is the Costume Designer and Taku Iwasaki is the composer. And finally, Shotaro Ishinomori has been created as the original creator.

Source: Anime News Network

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