EXCLUSIVE: Japanime Games Prepares To Launch The ZU Tiles: Fruits Basket Kickstarter Campaign


It has been almost a year since Japanime Games announced their collaboration with Crunchyroll and the Game Publisher, ZU Studios, to license a new game based on Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket. Now, Japanime Games is back again with a new update regarding ZU Tiles: Fruits Basket. The company is preparing to launch a Kickstarter Campaign!

Japanime Games has already begun one promotional campaign recently involving reviewers with a first look at the upcoming tabletop game. They include Six Sides of Gaming, Kohdok, Savage Couple Gaming, and BGSpotlight. Now regarding the Kickstarter Campaign, it has started via Social Media, if they can get 1,000 followers to the campaign before launch, then the company will add an exclusive Kickstarter tile which every backer will receive as a show of their gratitude.

What Is The Game About?

Fruits Basket-ZU Tiles Starter Set One Display
Image Credit: Japanime Games

It will focus on the anime adaption of Fruits Basket: The Final Season, which is based on Natsuki Takya’s Fruits Basket Manga, which will be the Soma family members afflicted by the curse of the zodiac animals. The game will also feature Kyo and Tohru tiles which will be fully playable game. Tile representations of them will be included in both Set 1 and Set 2.


What will the Campaign Include?

  • Fruits Basket-ZU Tiles_Kickstarter-Promos_Coming-Soon-03
  • Fruits Basket-ZU Tiles_Kickstarter-Promos_Coming-Soon-02
  • Fruits Basket-ZU Tiles Booster Pack Box
  • Fruits Basket- ZU Tiles Starter Set One Box
  • Fruits Basket-ZU Tiles Starter Set Two Box

The campaign will include both Set 1 and Set 2. So backers will be able to collect the whole zodiac family. Set 2 will be early release copies for those who back the campaign for it but will have a delayed release for 2023 or later for anyone else who does not get Set 2 during the Kickstarter Campaign. So if you want to collect the whole set at launch, you will want to back the Kickstarter Campaign.

The campaign will also feature Booster Packs, which will contain a chance for special alternate art, holographic, and scenario tiles created specifically for the game. This will open the game to more customization and gameplay styles.


Japanime Games is currently running a Social Media Campaign. Where, if they can get 1,000 followers for the campaign before launch, then they will add an exclusive Kickstarter tile that each backer will receive as a token of the Publisher’s appreciation. The team at Japanime Games and ZU Studio have been working hard on this project and is eager to hear feedback to help ensure the product they make will be the best product possible. The Campaign begins on February 14th, 2023.

Through this partnership, ZU Studios will reach a wider audience for their game, using Japanime Games’ extensive distribution and retail network and convention presence to expand the ZU Tiles game and accessories to a wider audience than was possible before. Japanime Games, in turn, seeks to expand its anime-inspired offerings by producing additional expansions, especially ZU Tiles: Fruits Basket, through its licensing deal with Crunchyroll. You can watch both the original and newer Fruits Basket Anime Series on Crunchyroll.

Source: Japanime Games

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