Waku Waku! Atsumi Tanezaki joins My Hero Academia as Lady Nagant

It’s the most villainous turn in Anime History. I’m referring to everyone’s favorite girl, Anya, from Spy X Family. I know what you’re thinking “Oh no, Not Anya!

That’s right. Spy X Family’s Atsumi Tanezaki has joined the cast of My Hero Academia, taking on the role of the villainous Lady Nagant. Lady Nagant made her animated debut in today’s episode of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia- Lady Nagant
Image Credit: Toho Co. Ltd

Who is Lady Nagant?

Kaina Tsutsumi wasn’t always a villain. She was formerly a Pro-Hero named Lady Nagant and worked for the Hero Commission.

With her quirk, Rifle, she can extend a rifle from her right elbow. She can extend a tendril from her rifle that she can curl up to form a scope. She can also create various types of bullets, such as hollow-point bullets and curving bullets, from her hair by twisting and molding her bi-colored locks like Epoxy putty and hardening them to be as strong as any ammo.

Lady Nagant used to work for the Hero Commission, where she was trained to kill villains and corrupted heroes who threatened to disrupt order in society. She fell into a deep depression and was disillusioned, realizing that the Hero Commission maintained a fragile and hollow peace at the expense of others. She wished to leave her post but after a veiled threat, she murdered her superior.

It would be when All-For-One made his escape at Tartarus that she would be freed and given a quirk by the villain in payment to go after Deku. And was given an unknown quirk as a contingency if she changed her mind about helping All-For-One.

My Hero Academia Season Six is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu. Also, be sure to check out Lady Nagant’s first appearance in My Hero Academia Volume 32, available now in print and digitally.

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