Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part Nine Begins On February 17th


It’s hard to believe it has been a year and a half since the end of Jojolion, but now we’re about to head back into the Bizarre World of Hirohiko Araki’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with the Ninth Part titled The JojoLands.

The Official Twitter Account for the manga creator released the news regarding JojoLands. It will be returning to the pages of the March Edition of Shueisha’s Ultra Jump Magazine on February 17th, 2023.

Araki debuted Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987. It was transferred to Shueisha’s Ultra Jump Magazine in 2005. The manga consists of eight parts, and each part follows a protagonist whose name can be shortened to JoJo. Each part also features recurring characters and connected storylines. The First began with Phantom Blood and the eighth part was titled Jojolion.


You can watch the anime adaption of the first six parts of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure on Netflix.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part Nine- The JOJOLands Announcement
Image Credit: Shueisha Inc.

Source: Hirohiko Araki’s Official Twitter

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