Available This Week: Gargoyles Issue One


DC Comics is engulfed in a Dark Crisis, and Marvel is entangled in a Dark Web this week, But the biggest moment is the return of Disney’s Gargoyles from Dynamite Comics.

That’s right, fans of this beloved Disney Animated Series have been waiting for years for a continuation of Gargoyles, and while it’s not the one fans may have hoped for, it is a step in the right direction. It brings the series creator Greg Weisman and illustrator George Kambadais together for an epic tale that serves not only as a reintroduction but as continuity of the beloved Manhattan Clan.

This Manhattan Clan is a family of Gargoyles. A family with strength and strong bonds, It began one thousand years ago in a time of darkness and fear when superstition and the sword ruled. It brought in the AGE OF GARGOYLES! They were betrayed by the humans they had sworn to protect and frozen in stone by a magical spell. One Thousand Years Later, in Modern-Day New York, a City filled with distractions and attractions the spell would be broken, and they would rise again!

Goliath and his clan have faced formidable foes and adversaries throughout the years. Even though they have begun to go their separate ways, their bonds will be put to the test when nefarious factions from across the world attempt to steal the rarest, most precious possessions, an unhatched Gargoyle egg!


It will be available this Wednesday, at your Local Comic Book Shop, and Digital Book Stores. Also, be sure to check out the variant covers that celebrate the return of Greg Weisman’s beloved Gargoyles Television Series, bringing artists such as Amanda Conner, Jae Lee, and Tony Fleecs for this momentous occasion. Also, be sure to check out the Animated Series on Disney Plus today!

  • Gargoyles Issue One Preview Page One
  • Gargoyles Issue One Preview Page Two
  • Gargoyles Issue One Preview Page Three
  • Gargoyles Issue One Preview Page Four
  • Gargoyles Issue One Preview Page Five
  • Gargoyles Issue One Cover A-David Nakayama
  • Gargoyles Issue One Cover B- Amanda Conner
  • Gargoyles Issue One Cover C- Lucio Parillo
  • Gargoyles Issue One Cover D- Leirix
  • Gargoyles Issue One Cover E- Jae Lee
  • Gargoyles Issue One Cover F- Tony Fleecs
  • Gargoyles Issue One Blank Authentix Cover- Purple
  • Gargoyles Issue One Blank Authentix Cover- Red
  • Gargoyles Issue One Blank Authentix Cover- Gray

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