Wet Ink Games Announces HERD: The Dinosaur Survival Card Game


The newest announcement involves a creator that I have interviewed in the past. SW Nolton is back once again, this time teaming up with Wet Ink Games, a small tabletop gaming company, to bring the next big card game called HERD: The Dinosaur Survival Card Game.

HERD was designed by Samantha Nolton (SW Nolton), creator of FossilPunk Foundry, with artwork by Venezuelan-born German artist BonplandArt. The main objective of the game is to distract predators with smaller prey, giving them something new to snack on! Improve your herd’s defense with unique adaptations, and survive until the Extinction Clock reaches the end, but beware; each turn becomes more difficult as the smaller prey becomes scarce and the gaze of predators is set on your herd.

This thrilling card game is slated for release in time for the convention season in Q3 2024.

  • HERD announcement visual
  • HERD Card Game Illustration One
  • HERD Card Game Illustration Two
  • HERD Card Game Illustration Three

Samantha Wren Nolton (SW Nolton) is an Oregon-born game designer and transwoman with a passion for developing innovative, original games fueled by creativity, inclusivity, and accessibility. Going by the designer trade name of FossilPunk Foundry, she aims to build better worlds, write engaging characters, and enthrall players of all kinds with each new game!


BonplandArt is the alias of the Venezuelan-born German artist and illustrator Jaan Westphal. With his life-long passion for dinosaurs, pterosaurs, marine reptiles, and everything extinct, BonplandArt resurrects extinct life in visual media. His ultimate dream is to spark enthusiasm for paleontology and paleoart in the people around him and bridge the gap between science and the popular.

For more artwork from BonplandArt, be sure to visit his Twitter page, and for more information on HERD, and Wet Ink Games, visit their websites listed below.

Source: Press Release

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