Warner Bros Announces New Legion of Superheroes Animated Movie


Recently, Warner Bros announced a new animated film focusing on DC Comics’ Legion of Superheroes. Thankfully, it isn’t like the last film that involved the Legion.

This new feature-length animated film will be available in a 4K Ultra HD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack, Blu-Ray and Digital, and Blu-Ray (Canada Only), and finally, Digital on February 7th, 2023, from Warner Bros Entertainment.

Supergirl ventures to the 31st Century to find answers to her present-day dilemmas, only to encounter an old foe in Legion of Superheroes. Listed below is a cast list for the upcoming animated feature:

  • Meg DonnellySupergirl/ Kara
  • Harry Shum Jr.- Brainiac 5
  • Matt Bomer- Barry Allen / Flash
  • Jensen AcklesBruce Wayne / Batman
  • Darren Criss- Clark Kent/ Superman
  • Cynthia HamidiDawnstar
  • Gideon Adlon- Phantom Girl
  • Ely Henry- Bouncing Boy
  • Robbie DaymondTimber Wolf & Brainiac 4
  • Yuri Lowenthal- Mon-El
  • Eric LopezCosmic Boy & Chemical King
  • Darin De PaulBrainiac & Solomon Grundy
  • Ben Diskin- Arms Fall Off Boy & Brainiac 2
  • Victoria Grace- Shadow Lass
  • Jennifier Hale- Alura
  • Daisy Lightfoot- Triplicate Girl
  • Zeno Robinson- Invisible Kid & Brainiac 3

It is certainly a wonderful list of actors for this new animated feature, now here is a list of the staff that will be on this production:

  • Jeff Wamester- Director
  • Josie Campbell- Screenplay Writer
  • Jim Krieg- Producer
  • Kimberly S. MoreauProducer
  • Butch LukicSupervising Producer
  • Sam Register- Executive Producer
DC Universe: Legion Of Superheroes Cover
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Welcome to the 31st century and the Legion Academy, where a new generation hones their powers with hopes of joining the Legion of Super-Heroes. Devastated by tragedy, Supergirl struggles to adjust to her new life on Earth. Taking her cousin Superman’s advice, Supergirl leaves their space-time to attend the Academy. There, she quickly makes new friends, as well as a new enemy with old ties: Brainiac 5. But a nefarious plot lurks in the shadows – the mysterious group known as the Dark Circle seeks a powerful weapon held in the Academy’s vault. Find out if the budding heroes can rise to the challenge in this all-new DC Universe Movie!

Source: Comics Beat

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