Michael B. Jordan makes his Directorial Debut in CREED III


And in this corner, making his Directorial Debut, he is well-known for his outstanding Acting Career in roles such as Killmonger (Black Panther, Marvel’s What If?), Bryan Stevenson (Just Mercy), and finally, reprising his role as Donnie Creed (Creed), he is Michael B. Jordan!

Today, we got a chance to watch the new trailer for the third installment in the Creed Franchise, Creed III. Fans have followed Donnie Creed’s journey from his first fight with Ricky Conlan (Creed), and Viktor Drago (Creed II). Now Adonis is about to realize that there’s no enemy like the past.

The new film will focus on Adonis’ evolving relationship with Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors), someone Adonis knew when he was a child. Anderson was released from prison after serving an 18-year stint. Now, he intends to best Adonis in the ring.


The new film will be a time jump, which was mentioned in the new trailer. It will also be focusing on Adonis’s family, and “how the family will evolve,” etc.

Deadline featured an interview with both Jordan and Majors. You can read more about it on their website, Creed III will open in IMAX and Theaters on March 3rd, 2023.

Source: Deadline

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