Japan Coast Guard Confirms Kazuki Takahashi Passed Away Saving Child


Following up on the recent news story regarding Kazuki Takahashi’s heroism. If you recall, the Manga Creator was aiding a U.S. Military Officer in saving three people from a riptide near Mermaid’s Grotto in Onna, Okinawa. Now, the Japan Coast Guard is confirming that Takahashi did pass away saving a child from the riptide.

According to the report, U.S. Army Major Robert Bourgeau, a Diving Instructor, was trying to save an 11-year-old girl, her mother, and a U.S. Soldier who was trapped in a rip current about 100 meters near shore on July 4th. Bourgeau was unaware that Takahashi tried to aid him in the rescue.

Bourgeau was recognized by the U.S Army for saving the three people. His command nominated him in September for the Soldier’s Medal, which recognizes acts of heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy. Bourgeau said Takahashi is a hero and that “he died trying to save someone else.”


Japan’s Coast Guard reported “Mr. Takahashi entered the water to rescue the girl, and then disappeared. It was determined to have been an accident at sea.” The coast guard also explained that they were aware of the incident with the family in July but “refrained from publicizing the details of the incident” in consideration of the girl’s well-being.

Source: Crunchyroll

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