Hunter x Hunter Prepares for First New Manga Volume Since 2018


It is hard to believe that it has been four years since we last saw Yoshihiro Togashi’s Shonen Manga, Hunter x Hunter. Unfortunately, at this time, there isn’t any new news regarding the artist coming out of his hiatus. But there is something to look forward to, Volume 37 will be going into print this autumn!

It was reported recently via Weekly Shonen Jump’s Official Twitter Account that Volume 37 (which contains Chapters 381-390) will go on sale in Japan on November 4th.

The response from fans was supportive, positive, and exciting. Also filled with responses about adding it to their collection.


Togashi gave an update on his health last month. He was very frank and discussed the impact his back problems have had on both his life and career overall. Work has continued on backgrounds for an upcoming Hunter x Hunter Chapter. Unfortunately, there isn’t any new news at this time regarding the manga returning to the syndication page.

Hunter x Hunter Vol. 1 Cover
Image Credit: Viz Media

At this time, there is no news regarding a release date for the upcoming volume’s English translation. Fans can still read all 36 previously published volumes through Viz Media, which localized the manga in both print and digital format.

Source: Official Weekly Shonen Jump Twitter Page, Crunchyroll

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