Street Fighter 6’s Latest Trailer Reveals Returning Characters, and a New Closed Beta


Yesterday, Capcom revealed two new trailers for their upcoming Fighting Video Game, Street Fighter 6. The first trailer hyped the return of the following characters: Ken, Blanka, Dhalsim, and E. Honda. It also highlighted the game’s new modes.

The second video covered details of the Closed Beta, which will be taking place from October 7th to the 10th for the Playstation 5, XBox Series X|S, and Steam. A fun new feature they added also was a new way to customize your avatar. The first trailer highlighted the new feature while discussing World Tour (Story Mode). You’ll be able to take your character on a journey to explore the city, battle NPC Characters, and fight recognizable characters like Ryu and Chun-Li, who will be able to teach your avatar new special moves.


Capcom also announced new in-game commentators for the upcoming game. Joining the Street Fighter series will be Japanese Commentator and caster Kōsuke Hiraiwa, and Sekima II band’s Frontman, Demon Kakka (Formerly known as “Demon Kogure”). And finally, Extreme Battle Mode, an optional versus mode that includes interactable items, stage elements, and different objectives.

Street Fighter 6 will be available for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, XBox Series X|S, and PC (Steam) in 2023.

Source: Capcom

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