Rock the Dragon: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Makes Its Historic Debut in North America


There was big news coming in from Entertainment news sites Variety and Crunchyroll, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero made its debut this weekend with an impressive $21 million in North American ticket sales.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero made its debut during the weekend, playing in 3,700 theaters in the United States, and was distributed by Crunchyroll, which specializes in anime films and television and is also owned by Sony Pictures. Dragon Ball Super aimed to take on Pokemon The First Movie’s Record for its debut record in 1999.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that ‘Dragon Ball’ fans could come together to experience and enjoy this amazing film in theaters, Crunchyroll thanks all of the fans, whether or not you are a ‘super’ fan or a newcomer, and we hope they come back again and again.”

Mitchel Berger, Crunchyroll’s Senior VP of Global Commerce

Crunchyroll’s Nicholas Friedman, Editorial-in-Chief for English Crunchyroll News breaks down the Box Office Receipts, listed below:

  1. Thursday, August 18: $4,303,671
  2. Friday, August 19: $6,584,653 (revised)
  3. Saturday, August 20: $5,768,686
  4. Sunday, August 21: $3,450,000 (estimated)

The box office receipts mark an official total of $20,100,000 from 3,008 locations. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is Crunchyroll’s first-ever global release (outside of Japan), with the film kicking off in more than 100 countries, with 13 dubs and 29 subtitled languages. For a full list of release dates, click here to learn more.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Key Visual
Image Credit: Crunchyroll

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Source: Variety, Crunchyroll

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